Product Distribution

At Chinese American Business Development Center, we understand that making a product available to retailers and consumers may not be the easiest thing to do. We aim to minimize the intermediaries in the distribution channel to quicker and more efficiently get our clients’ products to the market place. Our services in both Selective and Exclusive distribution provide flexibility to our clients that are unique and convenient for most products and regions. With twenty years of experience in successfully connecting and advising businesses across the United States and China, we provide our clients with informed consulting that is both culturally appropriate and sensitive, ensuring optimal performance of our clients’ products in the marketplace. Presentation is everything is today’s competitive product market; at CABDC, we offer our clients customized packaging for their products that is both regionally and culturally specific and appealing.

We work with both American and International companies who have an invested interest in tapping into and expanding their United States and Chinese market; and with our existing and growing ties with large scale retailers, we strive for success for our clients. Our clients’ high quality products - including but not limited to Consumer & Health Products, Medical Devices and brand name merchandise - whose acceptance in the marketplace is unquestioned, are reflective of our high standards, the vigor and detailed attention with which we treat every client and every product.