Major Products Categories

Plastic Precision Solutions has been providing custom tailored engineered applications and material parts for a wide variety of industries for many years. They are a high quality yet low cost producer that can cater to the plastic industry by manufacturing industry standard medical & electronic device casings, construction small plastic nuts & bots, caps to PVC piping electrical casing, and daily household products including toys through various injection molding and casting methods.

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General Metal Fabrication is a one stop location for all your metal works. They offer molding, casting, stamping and many other various types of metal processing. They use highly computerized processors to produce complicated and precise parts, and are able to customize to their customer’s requirements while keeping prices low and competitive. General Metal Fabrication can also help you design your product, thereby creating added value through their engineering expertise

Home Deco Essentials is a B2B manufacturer whose core products include candle holders, oil burners, fragrance bottles, wick trimmers, candle snuffers and more. They also provide custom-made services for clients' designs and custom orders in a variety of materials such as metal, glass, wood, ceramic, crystal and leather. They ship and operate all across the globe and have experience in manufacturing accessories for spas, home decor, hotels, religious functions and seasonal holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Hanukah, etc.