Business Trip to China

As part of Chinese American Business Development Center (CABDC) is specialized services, we provide both regularly scheduled and tailored trips to China for small and mid-size businesses, management teams, entrepreneurs, non-profits and university administrators. Our escorted trips provide a rare opportunity to meet with community, business and political leaders. No matter your industry or particular business imperative, we will work with you to customize an eventful itinerary that meets your business needs.

Our regularly scheduled trips are the most extensive and thoughtful of its kind. Our 15 day trips will bring you through many of China’s economic development and manufacturing zones including Beijing, Shanghai, Hang Zhou, Fuzhou, Suzhou, and Guangzhou. You will be greeted at each city by local and city dignitaries, local business leaders and enjoy breath-taking banquets and cultural variety. In addition, the variety of locations might allow you to walk the floors of China’s most efficient manufacturing facilities and visit trade fairs, in addition to any meetings or excursions that would benefit your business. We guarantee that CABDC’s business trips will your business needs and provide you with an unrivaled cultural experience and access to individuals, companies and legislatures.

Many of our business trips have resulted in companies forming key alliances, gaining first hand knowledge of business facilities, new friendships as well as getting acclimated to a new culture.

We also tailor trips for your organization’s needs. We often set up meetings between potential partners and provide all travel and translation services. These trips are also a wonderful opportunity to experience the Chinese culture as plenty of time is left for dining, shopping and excursions to ancient and culturally important sites. CABDC provides: