Educational Services

The Chinese American Business Development Center (CABDC) has longstanding relationships with both Chinese and USA accredited universities and high schools, and serves as an exclusive representative for their international education programs. To match the abundance of Chinese students looking for foreign education, CABDC connects Chinese schools with American schools to build long-term partnerships, and helps them design and operate educational exchange programs. These educational partnerships are designed to engage students in the culture of both countries and enable them to receive an interdisciplinary education, skill set, and degree.

As a service for our clients, CABDC’s offices in China also manage over 20 education recruiting agencies throughout the country, which serve to boost international enrollment for our clients. CABDC also helps students choose the correct school to fit their specific needs and acclimate to a new culture through our counseling services. To provide the best possible service for our clients, CABDC remains with the student for the length of the academic period, beginning with admissions until they graduate from the program.