Who are you?

      Chinese American Business Development Center (CABDC) works closely with 3 major tiers of clientele.

  1. Small & mid-size companies who need leverage to produce at a lower cost level while still maintaining
    the quality of a product.
  2. Consulting and supporting innovators and designers regarding manufacturing their ideas and produce samples.
  3. Manufactures and producers who want to outsource their products or set up manufacturing plants to avoid high costs and
    control their quality.

What do you specialize in?

      CABDC specializes in both the fundamental and technical aspects of a complex manufacturing operation which includes procuring raw materials, shortening the length of time in production and delivery, catering to specific needs in innovation products, conducting industry standards of quality control and assurance regardless if it is an OME or ODE product. Each of our project managers are specialists with different background in different industries. Therefore we are confident with our vast knowledge of expertise CABDC is able to handle every level case that we received from different industries.

What are my benefits?

      As a business executive, an entrepreneur, designer or an innovator one can benefit from CABDC service. This is because you concentrate on your expansion of your business without having to deal with the complex technical issues of manufacturing, dealing with miscommunication due to language and culture barrier and flying several times to China not knowing if you have found the perfect manufacturer for your design which many times leads to a wasted effort and frustration. This way, you will not lose focus on your market share and able to deploy most of your energy in designing, sales and marketing growth. CABDC will serve as your support team overseeing all your manufacturing details from start to finish until the goods are in your hands. We will update you regularly with information on which stage your products are at and make sure you have all the information you need.

Why manufacture in China?

      China has been a manufacturing hub for about 20 years and plays a major role in the international trade. This country is the world's largest consumer of steel and concrete consuming a third of the world's supply. It is also the second largest importer of petroleum. China is the 3rd largest importer in the world and the 2nd largest exporter counting all products.

Therefore, China has the resources and capabilities to manufacture your products while keeping your cost relatively low compared to other countries.


      The Chinese American Business Development Center (CABDC) has over 15 years of experience in assisting clients to manufacture a vast range of products including apparels, hardware, machines, tools, hard to find parts, toys, etc regardless if your product is an OEM, ODM or just an idea concept.

      Not only CABDC does have qualified manufacturers that have the capabilities and resources to manufacture your products, but we can also help you to conduct local quality assurance and quality control and even lower your entire cost. Most importantly, CABDC can assist you to cut through red tapes and plan ahead of time in order to minimized unnecessary obstacles and problems which may occur.

How should I get started with my design/ product?

      First, you must fill up our online inquiry form. Please try to answer all questions. This way, our project manager knows which specialist to refer you to and also to understand your product better when consulting and working with along side by side with you.

How long does it take to manufacture my design or products?

      It depends on how complex your design is and also your coordination with CABDC. Some takes just days or weeks but some big projects may take months. CABDC is able to cut time at least 15-25% of the time length because we have offices in both US and China. This means that your projects are being worked around the clock without delay of time differences. Our experience staffs are all bilingual trained to minimized misinterpretation and miscommunication.

Where do you ship my design/ products to when it is ready?

       CABDC can arrange to ship your design or products to anywhere you want to any parts of the world. CABDC has shipped shipments to many parts of Europe, North America, South America, even to Australia.