Elite Services Program

        The Chinese American Business Development Center is proud to announce the initiation of our Elite Private Client Service, only available to SAFA members and CABDC clients. Our professional and dedicated staff offers a broad range of services, personalized for the unique needs of the individual. This program has been carefully designed to address the certain aspects of business and family life that can often be stressful and overwhelming, and with the expertise and experience of our knowledgeable project managers, provide services see to it they are no longer a burden.

        The following are the different services that we offer through the Elite Private Client Services:
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        The Elite Services Program is only available to SAFA members and CABDC clients. For information about becoming a SAFA member or CABDC client, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Real Estate

        Our exceptional team of real estate partners has over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in leveraging the real estate markets of the U.S. and China, including sales and rentals of residential and commercial real estate. Our extremely devoted and well informed team delivers the latest news and updates in today's ever-changing real estate market. Based on the clients' specific needs, and with our professional guidance, outstanding customer service and transparency of information, CABDC works diligently to assist every elite member make the smartest investment and find the best market deal.

Private Jet Purchase, Leasing & Chartering

        CABDC's extended team handles all aspects of private jet purchasing, leasing, or chartering; a luxurious means of travel that can make a vacation more enjoyable or a business trip less hectic.

  • Purchase: To guarantee your satisfaction with the final product, our staff works from start to finish with carefully selected jet manufacturers whose airplanes are made with the highest quality parts and are responsibility and professionally assembled.
  • Leasing & Chartering: Our leasing and charter partners include some of the best in the business, and we will work alongside them to make sure that your trip is safe, comfortable, and stress-free. Whether you're flying abroad, or simply from city to city, we take on all the responsibility and hassle that come with jet rental. Our charter service caters to your specific travel needs and schedule, insuring your complete satisfaction.

Helicopter Rental

        When in your destination city, renting a car and dealing with hours of traffic can often eat into your busy schedule; that is why we also provides a helicopter rental service. Whether you are flying to a meeting, a tourist attraction, the airport, or simply to see the scenery, we work the helicopter rental companies to make sure the flight is on time and that our elite members receive exceptional service.

Study Abroad

        CABDC understands how important the livelihood and education of your children are, therefore we work with the most accredited, respected, and elite schools in both the United States and China to provide our elite members with educational counseling service for their children. Our educational partners will work with you step by step to find the school that best fits your child's needs. We also provide professional services to find the best study program or summer camp for your child. CABDC provides this unique service because we believe an experience studying abroad, in whatever form, is sure to upgrade your child's understanding of foreign culture, customs, and habits, and will help him or her a to be strong, well-versed, independent individual, prepared to take on the uncertain future.

EB-5 Immigrant Investment

        If you worry that immigration attorneys or agents avoid counseling about the strengths and weaknesses of the numerous regional centers, our executive team is here for you. CABDC provides a counseling service to recommend our elite members to the most reliable EB-5 Immigrant Investment projects available. From the beginning process of researching options & reviewing documents, applying for the EB-5 program, filing applications, to finally obtaining a Green Card, CABDC will provide you with the most experienced attorneys to assist you through the processes and address any questions regarding the selected regional center's ongoing conformance with legal and financial requirements. For more info, please click below:

EB5 Investment Immigration Project